Frequently Asked Questions

How does Alltranslate work?

1. Send your documents to our project manager (via email, WeTransfer, URL). We assign the best translator for your work.
2. A domain-expert translator works on your documents to translate it to the target language and proofreads it.
3. We send you the translated documents in your desired format (word, pdf, pages etc.) either by email, Google Drive etc.

What languages can you translate?

At the moment we only translate English and French. More languages are coming soon (Spanish, German, Portuguese etc.)

How long does it take for you to translate?

Once we’ve received your document to translate, depending on the volume of words, it takes between 24h and 48h for us to translate the document.

How do you make sure of the quality of the translation?

All our translators are vetted freelance native expert translators specialized in a wide range of domains. Once every translation is complete a second translator proofreads the document before we send it to you.

Are my documents safe and stay confidential?

Yes! Your documents are in good hands, security and confidentiality is paramount to us. To work with us, all our translators have signed a confidentiality agreement.

How much does a translation cost?

We have different price packages depending on your need, proofreading, website translation, blog translation, pay-per-word etc. See our pricing page for more details.

What can you translate?

We can translate most things:

Which industry-content can you translate?

We can translate content from most industries:

How can I count the words in my document?

You can either do it via the tools listed below, or simply send your document to us via email or through the chat bubble so we can calculate it for you, free or charge.

If using Microsoft Word:
1. Go to “Tools”
2. Select “Word Count”

If using Apple Pages:
1. Go to “View”
2. Select “Show Word Count”

If using Google Docs:
1. Go to “Tools"
2. Select “Word Count”

Depending on your plan, you can easily calculate an estimate of the cost to translate your document with Alltranslate. Don’t hesitate contacting us via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen for a more detailed quote.

Can you translate my website?

Yes we can! Discover our dedicated Website Translation package.

Do you work with companies and/or private individuals?

We work with everyone, private companies, public institutions, individuals etc. As long as you need translation we’ll do it.

Is it possible to maintain the page layout?

If the document is editable, yes we can translate in the document itself.

Is there a minimum size order?

There’s no minimum! You can ask for a translation as little as 2 words. Or even 1 word!

Do your prices include taxes?

As we are all freelancers, our prices are tax-free.

How many words can you translate per day?

Our non-rush turnarounds are approximately as follows:
up to 500 words - 6 hours
1,000 to 2,000 words - 36 hours
over 2,000 words - 1,500 words per day
These are purely indicative.

When do I need to pay?

You can pay when selecting your price plan by clicking on “Get started”

How do I pay?

You can pay via credit card, debit card (Visa, Mastercard etc.).

What guarantees do you give?

14 days money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Can you translate my blog posts?

Yes we can! Discover our dedicated Blog Post Translation package.

What is localization?

Localization (sometimes known as L10n) is the process of modifying a product (a software program, website, or document) for an audience in a different country, culture, or region of the world. Localization is more complex than translation because it involves cultural adaptation and requires in-depth knowledge of the local culture.