Frequently Asked Questions

Translation and proofreading turnaround times depend on the number of words. On average, we can translate 2,000 words per day – a 10,000-word website in 5 business days or a 5,000-word document in 2.5 business days. Urgent? Let us know, we'll try to reduce the delivery time as much as possible. For the "Unlimited Plan" our team translates 1000 words/day.

We currently support the following languages:
  • French - English (American and British English).
  • French - Spanish (Spain and Latin America).
  • English - Spanish.

More languages will be added soon, such as German and Italian.

All our translators are native English, French and Spanish speakers and fully fluent. They master the cultural cues of the different English, French and Spanish speaking countries, allowing them to translate and localize your content and adapt it to your target market or audience.